Professional glass cutting tools to get the job done right the first time

Are you about to gear up and replace that broken tabletop or window? Apart from personal protective equipment, you can’t go without glass cutting tools. But you don’t need whatever is at hand just for the sake of having it. You want durable, quality solutions that won’t leave you with jagged edges and headaches once your glass work is done. Fortunately, Altifort Boart is here to deliver.

As those who specialize in super-abrasives, we know how to help you nail your cutting project. Beefed up with exceptional toughness and wear-resistant features, our tools offer you improved performance when working with glass or hard materials. They are designed to make your project more accurate and less labor-intensive by blending all the benefits of super-abrasives and precision cutting.

Be sure to take a glimpse at available glass cutting tools for sale at Altifort Boart. With them, you can make picture-perfect cuts easier and even clean the path as you proceed with segmented gullets. We assure you that each of our products is engineered to last while resisting heat and wear-related effects. Plus, their next-level performance makes them suitable for sawing an array of pieces, including:

  • tubes and wires
  • ceramic materials
  • optical glass
  • other hard materials

Certification-backed consistency in the production of glass cutting equipment

Altifort Boart is famed for the superior quality of its tools in Belgium and beyond. Many of them can be seen in use across a myriad of industries where accurate cuts and cost-efficiency are needed. What empowers us to maintain such an unrivaled reputation is that we diligently stick to the latest equipment production standards. And we do this consistently to meet all the cutting needs of our customers.

You can either take our word for it or check out some of the quality certificates covering the production of our glass cutting tools and other equipment. They include ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015, each of which is recognized in the international arena.

For our customers’ peace of mind, our professional glass cutting tools also come with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. However, there’s hardly any chance that you will need to use it.

Get the hang of our equipment with on-site training

Besides being a glass cutter tools supplier, Altifort Boart can serve as a specialized training provider. We offer this on-site service to help operators and staff acquire the needed skills to safely use our equipment. Some training can also be provided online. Go to our Academy section to find out more.

Are you unsure about which tool will meet your sawing needs best? Contact us for expert advice. By submitting your online request, you can also get more details on our glass cutting tools, prices, types of super-abrasives being used, etc. We’re always there to respond in no time.

With Altifort Boart, your cutting processes will be brought to the next precision level. Team up with us to enhance the technical capacity of your facility!

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